James Thompson, The Buzzing Book (Complete Method) for trumpet with CD accompaniment in C and Bb

THOMPSON James, The Buzzing Book (Complete Method)

trumpet and MP3 accompaniment

Composer: Thompson, James (*1949)
Year of composition: 2001
Level: easy / advanced
Publisher Editions Bim
Ref. # TP216
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Buzzing on the mouthpiece has many benefits if done with a systematic and observant approach. Because the mouthpiece offers less resistance than does the instrument, buzzing helps accustom the player to using more air. This greater airflow helps let the lips relax and vibrate more freely, producing a more resonant sound. It also makes the player more reliant on his ear to place pitches, just as a singer does. Further, it aids in developing the most efficient and consistent mouthpiece placement. Finally, perhaps most importantly, mouthpiece buzzing allows the player to develop new and more refined aural/physical habits more easily.

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