Clarinet and 1 other instrument

  1. Etienne Crausaz, Sequences for flute and clarinet

    CRAUSAZ Etienne, Sequences

    flute and clarinet
    Level: intermediate / advanced
    Ref. # MCX85
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  2. Askell Masson, Fantasia for clarinet and harpsichord

    MASSON Askell, Fantasia

    clarinet and harpsichord
    Level: advanced
    Ref. # CL16
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  3. Askell Masson, Seasons - Fantasy on a Chinese Poem for clarinet and hand drum

    MASSON Askell, Seasons - Fantasy on a Chinese Poem

    clarinet and hand drum
    Level: advanced
    Ref. # CL19
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  4. David Thomas, Voices for trumpet and clarinet

    THOMAS David, Voices

    trumpet and clarinet
    Level: intermediate
    Ref. # TP180
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