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The Bach Book for Trumpet

25 solos, 8 duets, 2 trios for trumpet and bass instrument by Nick Norton

A compilation of 35 of J.S. Bach's most beautiful melodies, either for trumpet alone or for 1 or 2 trumpets with bass accompaniment. Audio examples and audio accompaniments are available on SoundCloud.

Aria BWV 1 Aria BWV 1

Gavotte BWV 816 Gavotte BWV 816

Sleepers Awake BWV 645 Sleepers Awake BWV 645

The Magic Horn

9 duets for 2 horns by Corrado Maria Saglietti

An exciting mix of technical virtuosity and stylistic variety, in a collection of 9 duets which are both challenging and fun to play. Reveal the magic of the horn, with its astonishing range, dynamics and colors.

1. Tango 1. Tango

6. Appassionato 6. Appassionato

5. Take It Easy 5. Take It Easy

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November 10, 2020 | 31st International Competition "Città di Porcia" 2020​ | Porcia, Italy. Corrado Maria Saglietti : Monsters for tuba and piano.

November 16, 2020 | International Competition "Citta di Porcia" TUBA | Porcia, Italy. Corrado Maria Saglietti : Monsters for tuba and piano. Roland Szentpali : Pearls III for tuba and piano. John Stevens : Salve Venere, Salve Marte for tuba solo.

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25 Renaissance Canons and Duets for 2 trumpets

by Raymond Mase

Bicinia, two-part music of the Renaissance and early Baroque, were pieces frequently used for teaching of counterpoint and style. For modern trumpeters, they are challenging and valuable resources in the training of rhythmic flexibility, imitation, and musical expression. These editions include the addition of dynamics, articulations, and suggested tempi and style.

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Concerto Grosso

La minore for tuba, strings and basso continuo

by Dominique Roggen

The first and second movements of these concerti are reminiscent of a typical instrumental concerto from the early 18th century. The final movements are usually humorous in character, and contain references to music of the present day, to Swiss folklore, and sometimes even to pop music and jazz. The present Concerto Grosso for Tuba, Strings and Basso Continuo is the sixth concerto in this series. Notable within the final movement, a fugue, is the easily recognizable folk song, Vo Lozärn gäge Wäggis zue [From Lucerne to Weggis]

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Sounds of Generation Y, Part II

for cimbalom and symphony orchestra

by Máté Bella

The musical structures used in the composition are characteristic of the American minimalism in many of their aspects, making the piece more comprehensible even for an audience less familiar with contemporary classical music. Swedish pop music had a strong influence on the direction of chords sequences and the rhythmic ideas of my composition. However, it is important to note that my main purpose was not to make the orchestra play popular or dance music but to explore how the musical elements found in popular music can be integrated into the orchestral sounding.