Lane Richard Elegy Vn22

for violin and piano
Richard Lane

Koetsier Jan Brass Symphony Ens34

Brass Symphony op. 80
for 10 brass instruments
Jan Koetsier

Melani Allessandro All Armi Pensieri Tp155

All'armi, pensieri
for trumpet, soprano voice and basso continuo
Alessandro Melani

Szentpali  Roland  Pearls 2  Tu160

Pearls II
for euphonium (trombone) and piano
Roland Szentpali

Friedman Stanley Thumbarena Cl8

for clarinet and piano
Stanley Friedman

Scarlatti  Alessandro 7  Arie Con Tromba  Sola  Tp130

7 Arie
for trumpet, soprano voice and basso continuo
Alessandro Scarlatti

Chitchyan Geghuni 2 Woodwind Quintets Mcx28

2 Woodwind Quintets
for young players
for woodwind quintet
Geghuni Chitchyan

Bach Johann Sebastian So Loechet Der Raechende Richter Tp126

So löschet der rächende Richter
from Cantata No. 90
for trumpet, bass voice and basso continuo
Johann Sebastian Bach

Lane Richard Elegy Vc14

for 12 violoncelli
Richard Lane

Zbinden  Jf  Lord  V29

Lord op. 93
for double mixed choir SATB
Julien-François Zbinden

Castro Giancarlo Grand Fanfare

Grand Fanfare
for 16 brass instruments, timpani and percussion
Giancarlo Castro D'Addona

Masson Askell Kim Perc8

for snare drum solo
Áskell Másson

Vizzutti  Allen  Cascades  Tu150

for euphonium solo
Allen Vizzutti

Arutiunian Alexander Trombone Concerto Tb11

for trombone and orchestra or piano reduction
Alexander Arutiunian

Masson Askell Konzertstück Perc4B

for snare drum and orchestra
Áskell Másson

Masson Askell B2 B Perc46

Back to Basics
for snare drum solo
Áskell Másson

Szentpali  Roland  Flirts  Vc21

for cello and piano
Roland Szentpali

Turner  Kerry  Ghost  Riders  Ens71

Ghost Riders
for 8 brass instruments
Kerry Turner

Crausaz Etienne Fun For The Young Trumpeter Tp340

Fun for the Young Trumpeter
6 easy pieces
for trumpet and piano
Etienne Crausaz

Filas Juraj Veni Sancte Spiritus V48

Veni, Sancte Spiritus
for mixed choir (SATB) a cappella
Juraj Filas

Masson Askell Tromma Perc11

for 2 percussions
Áskell Másson

Arutiunian Alexander Violin Concerto Vn1

for violin and string orchestra or piano
Alexander Arutiunian

Charriere Caroline Age De Saison V60

Age de saison
for mixed choir (SATB) a cappella
Caroline Charrière

Mase Raymond Extended Flexibility Tp327

Extended Flexibility
for trumpet & other valved brass instruments
Raymond Mase

Saglietti  Corrado  Maria  Suite  Tb21

for alto trombone and string quartet
Corrado Maria Saglietti

Szentpali  Roland  Magnificat  V54

for soprano, tenor, mixed choir, symphony orchestra and jazz quartet
Roland Szentpali

Charriere Caroline Du Livre Pour Toi V70

Du Livre pour toi
Cycle de 12 mélodies
for mezzo soprano and piano
Caroline Charrière

Lane Richard Sonata Mcx49

for clarinet, basset horn and piano
Richard Lane

Gulya Robert Jokes Fl10

for flute and piano
Robert Gulya

Haendel Georg Friedrich 3 Arias Soprano Voice Tp150

3 Arias
for trumpet, soprano voice and keyboard
Georg Friedrich Haendel

Bobo Roger Mastering The Tuba Tu5

Mastering the Tuba
Complete book
for tuba
Roger Bobo

Filas Juraj Euphonium Concerto Tu94

for euphonium and orchestra
Juraj Filas

Plog Anthony Trio For Brass Ens69

Trio for brass
for trumpet, horn and trombone
Anthony Plog

Stevens  Thomas  After  Schlossberg  Tp317

After Schlossberg
Trumpet Studies as Taught By Leading Members of The Schlossberg School
for trumpet
Thomas Stevens

Masson Askell Prim Perc5

for snare drum solo
Áskell Másson

Arutiunian Alexander Tuba Concerto Tu27

for tuba and symphony orchestra or piano
Alexander Arutiunian

Szentpali  Roland  Sketches 1998  Tu131

Sketches 1998
for euphonium and piano
Roland Szentpali

Sulek  Stepjan  Sonata  Vox  Gabrieli  Tb39

Vox Gabrieli
for trombone and piano
Stepjan Sulek

Stevens  Thomas  Variations In  Olden  Style  Tu8

Variations in Olden Style
after J.S. Bach
for tuba and string orchestra
Thomas Stevens

Plog Anthony Animal Ditties Iii Co24

Animal Ditties III
for horn, piano and narrator
Anthony Plog

Plog Anthony Trumpet Etudes Duets Vol 1 Tp53

Etudes & Duets Book I
50 Etudes & 19 Duets
for trumpet
Anthony Plog

Filas Juraj Trombone Sonata At The End Of The Century Tb29

“at the end of the century”
for trombone and piano
Juraj Filas

Turner  Kerry 6  Lives Of  Jack  Mc Bride  Co45

6 Lives of Jack McBride
for tenor voice, horn, violin and piano
Kerry Turner

Masson Askell Frum Perc39

A Drum Song
for solo percussion
Áskell Másson

Stamp  James  Warm  Ups  Studies  Tp2

Warm-ups + Studies
for trumpet with mp3 accompaniment
James Stamp

Thompson  James  The  Buzzing  Book  Tp216

The Buzzing Book
Complete method
for trumpet with MP3 accompaniment
James Thompson

Szentpali  Roland  Pearls  Tu95

for euphonium and piano
Roland Szentpali

Lane Richard Canzona Vc11

for cello and piano
Richard Lane

Reskin Charles Easy Trumpet Outings Tp319

Easy Trumpet Outings
12 Etudes & 11 Duets
for trumpet and mp3 accompaniments
Charles Reskin