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Tarr Eward Hummel Concerto A Tromba Principale Tp306
Edward H. Tarr
J.N. Hummel, Concerto a Tromba principale (1803)
Introduction, historic consideration, analysis, critical commentary and original solo part

Series: HKB Historic Brass Series

English , French , German HKB Historic Brass Series

TP306e - English

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Edward H. Tarr

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About J.N. Hummel, Concerto a Tromba principale (1803)

The colour facsimile of this classical work of the world trumpet repertoire is finally available, with its enigmatic annotations, its various inks, its astonishing cuts, as well as numerous musical borrowings from Hummel’s contemporary colleagues - all of this analyzed with great professional relevance by Edward H. Tarr. A publication which clarifies fundamentally how to analyze the work and how to perform it in its historical context. A remarkable and illustrative work at current state of research.

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