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Jean-Christophe Wiener

How to play James Stamp’s Warm-ups

Instrumental technique

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A true path

I remained in the US for a year and returned during consecutive summers to see him again. All in all I had more than a hundred lessons; today I feel the need to share what I experienced.

I’m aware that trying to do so amounts to a near- impossibility and that teaching of such richness, based upon warm and attentive listening to the student can be properly transmitted only in person. Nevertheless I hope that my message - which is not a thesis, but a simple memento - may contribute to the perpetuation of James Stamp’s teaching.

In this first installment I review some of the basic principles of his teaching. In the next installment I offer a commentary and explanation of the «Warm ups + Studies» published by Editions BIM in order to help players use them optimally and obtain maximum benefit.

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