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Raymond Mase and Nick Norton published two fantastic compilations for 2 trumpets that are a valuable addition to the pedagogical repertoire of the trumpet. Isn't it great to practice early music, especially when it is challenging in terms of rhythm and intonation and most importantly musically? Have fun!

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Renaissance Music for 2 trumpets
Orlando Gibbons, 6 Fantasias
2 trumpets (or flugelhorns)
Adaptation: Seretta Hart Nick Norton
Level: intermediate / advanced
Duration: 12'30
Orlando Gibbons’ (1583-1625) duets for treble instruments, edited here for two trumpets (in C, Bb or flugelhorn), hold extraordinary musical value. These Six Fantasias give one a taste of Gibbons’ ...

Raymond Mase, Bicinia
25 Renaissance Canons and Duets
2 trumpets
Adaptation: Raymond Mase
Level: intermediate / advanced
Bicinia, two-part music of the Renaissance and early Baroque, were pieces frequently used for teaching of counterpoint and style. For modern trumpeters, they are challenging and valuable resources ...

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