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how about performing an original baroque work for Euphonium? Swiss composer Dominique Roggen (1948-2003) made it possible with this anachronistic concerto. Take the time to listen to the audio samples, it's pretty effective.

The other new publication takes you into Calabrian folklore with some really spicy variations written for Steven Mead...


New publications for euphonium
Dominique Roggen, Concerto in Sib maggiore
Concerto anachronistico
euphonium, strings and basso continuo or piano
Level: advanced
Duration: 9'30
Concerti anachronistici for various solo instruments, strings and basso continuo Dominique Roggen has always loved writing music that adheres to Baroque-era principles of musical counterpoint, form...

Cosimo Bombardieri, Calabria
Folk Song
euphonium solo
Level: advanced
Duration: 6'30
This composition, structured in the theme and variation form, draws its inspiration from the Calabrian folk song Pacchianella calabrisi. The melody of the folk song is presented here through five v...

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