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Being very enthusiastic about these new releases for trombone with a particular crush on Corrado Saglietti's Bass Trombone Suite with string quartet or piano.

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Trombone and bass trombone releases
Corrado Maria Saglietti, Bass Trombone Suite
bass trombone and string quartet or piano
Level: intermediate / advanced
Duration: 12'
In this three-movement suite, Corrado Maria Saglietti skillfully employs his sense of drama, elegance, and burlesque to take us on an almost cinematic comedy where melodies transform into Tuscan la...

Corrado Maria Saglietti, A song
trombone and harp
Level: intermediate
Duration: 5'
On a rhythmic and pulsating ostinato of the harp, the simple melody of the trombone unfolds and gradually becomes more intense and passionate. The rhythmic and melodic souls intertwine and merge in...

Corrado Maria Saglietti, El Tanguero
trombone & harp
Level: intermediate
Duration: 5'
El Tanguero is a very instinctive tango specially composed by Corrado Maria Saglietti for Zoltan Kiss, the hungarian trombone player, who wished to complete his CD program ”Non Stop”. The particula...

John Stevens, CETE
horn, trombone and tuba
Level: intermediate / advanced
Duration: 8'30
CETE was composed in 2019 and 2020 for Dan Grabois (horn), Mark Hetzler (trombone) and Tom Curry (tuba) from the Wisconsin Brass Quintet.The single movement work is in three sections: Allegro molto...

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