Dear Customer

We're thrilled to present two new great chamber music works with horn.

The first one can easily fit into a programm along the Brahms Trio. It will be premiered this summer at the 56th International Horn Symposium in Colorado.

The second one is an very enjoyable piece to present in schools for example.

Take the time to listen to them. They will both ship on July 15th, you may pre-order them now at a 25% discount.

Wish you a nice week,

New chamber music with horn
Corrado Maria Saglietti, Trio
Verso la Fine - Towards the End
violin, horn and piano
Level: intermediate / advanced
Duration: 17'15
The “Trio for Violin, Horn, and Piano” was inspired by a desire to represent the contrasts of our era: a time marked by light and darkness, passion and indifference, globalization and solitude.Thro...

Richard Lane, The Magician’s Shoes
A Musical Fable
woodwind quintet, piano and narrator
Level: intermediate
Duration: 16'
Language: English, French, German
A pair of shoes of a performing magician invite you on a journey of discovery and wisdom as they escape their shiny black box and set off to see what the world has to offer. In this enlightening an...

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