New and Recent

Gesseney Dominique Saharia V109B

for orchestra, baryton/basse voice solo and choir
Dominique Gesseney-Rappo

Dion Jean Francois La Trompette Francaise Tp348

La Trompette française
15 portraits musicaux 1925-2016
for trumpet solo
Jean-François Dion

Saglietti Corrado Maria Atmosfere Ens228

for horn in F, trombone and tuba
Corrado Maria Saglietti

Lane Richard Serenade Mcx52

for flute, viola d’amore and strings
Richard Lane

Post David Violin Sonata Vn26

for violin and piano
David Post

Plog Anthony Beauteous Evening V88

Beauteous Evening
for mixed choir and piano
Anthony Plog

Reskin Charles Trumpet Sonata No 2 Tp353

Sonata N° 2
for trumpet and piano
Charles Reskin

Forbes Michael David Goliath Tu172B

for tuba and string orchestra
Michael Forbes

Lane Richard Rondo Cl29

for 2 clarinets and piano
Richard Lane

Adams Byron Viola Sonata

for viola and piano
Byron Adams

Charriere Caroline Suissitude Meiteli V110 2

2. Meiteli
for mixed choir, clarinet, violin, cello, bass and Hackbrett
Caroline Charrière

Stevens Thomas New Carnival Of Venice Tp298D

A New Carnival of Venice
for 4 trumpets and concert band
Thomas Stevens

Forbes Michael Textures Tu164

for 6 euphoniums and 6 tubas
Michael Forbes

Szentpali Roland Concerto Sax Quartet Sax20

Concerto for Sax Quartet
for saxophone quartet and orchestra
Roland Szentpali

Harju Jukka Horn Hound Co83

Horn Hound
for horn and piano
Jukka Harju

Forbes Michael Day At Sea Tu198

Day At Sea
for tuba / euphonium quartet
Michael Forbes

Weiser  Mark  Lanz  Marimba  Concerto  Perc10

Concerto for Marimba
for marimba and string orchestra
Mark Lanz Weiser

Charriere Caroline Marthe V77 5

Femmes de Jérusalem
5. Marthe
for mixed choir a capella
Caroline Charrière

Michel Jean Francois Far West Ov28

Far West
for wind band or brass band
Jean-François Michel

Szentpali Roland Symphony Concertante Tu193

Symphony Concertante
for euphonium and symphony orchestra
Roland Szentpali

Szentpali Roland 3 Dances Tu132B

3 Dances
for 2 solo tubas and big band
Roland Szentpali

Plog Anthony Trumpet Concerto No 3 Tp351

Trumpet Concerto no. 3
for solo trumpet and brass band or piano
Anthony Plog

Oberson Rene Homo Somniens Tp271

Homo Somniens
for trumpet and organ
René Oberson

Masson Askell Twilight Vc15

for cello and darabuka
Áskell Másson

Crausaz Etienne Sonatina Co92

for tenor horn and piano
Etienne Crausaz

Szentpali Roland Carmen Fantasy Tu147G

Carmen Fantasy
for tuba and brass band
Roland Szentpali

Crausaz Etienne Sequences Mcx85

for flute and clarinet
Etienne Crausaz

Reskin Charles Summer Dances Ens214

Summer Dances
A Ballet for Brass Quintet
for brass quintet
Charles Reskin

Lane Richard 3 Organ Pieces Org4

3 Organ Pieces
Prelude - Recessional - Reflection
for organ
Richard Lane

Charriere Caroline Suissitude Reminiscences V110 1

1. Réminiscences
for mixed choir and cornetto
Caroline Charrière

Charriere Caroline Suissitude Dorma V110 3

3. Dorma
for mixed choir, clarinet, violin, cello, bass and Hackbrett
Caroline Charrière

Steptoe  Roger 4  Shakespeare  Sonnets  V103

4 Shakespeare Sonnets
for baritone and string orchestra
Roger Steptoe

Altman Laurie Colors Of The City Tb94

Colors of the City
for 2 trombones (horn in F and trombone) and piano
Laurie Altman

Lane Richard Trio Violin Horn Piano Mcx75

for violin, horn in F and piano
Richard Lane

Weiser  Mark  Lanz  Flash  Sax17

for soprano saxophone and piano
Mark Lanz Weiser

Masson Askell Sonatina Cl13

for clarinet and piano
Áskell Másson

Michel Jean Francois Correspondance V90 7

from the Suite "Correspondance"
for mixed choir S.A.T.B., flute, piano
Jean-François Michel

Masson Askell Four Mallets Perc42

Fo(u)r Mallets
for 4 solo mallets on any surface
Áskell Másson

Castro Giancarlo 12 Easy Pieces Tp341

12 Easy Pieces
for the Young Trumpet Player
for trumpet and piano
Giancarlo Castro D'Addona

Charriere Caroline Marie V77 2

Femmes de Jérusalem
2. Marie
for mixed choir a capella
Caroline Charrière

Masson Askell Tryst Ens226

for trombone and tuba
Áskell Másson

Plog Anthony Aesop Fables Ii Oper4

Aesop Fables II
Chamber opera
for 2 soli and string quartet
Anthony Plog

Michel Jean Francois Correspondance Condoleances V90 6

from the Suite "Correspondance"
for mixed choir S.A.T.B., piccolo, piano
Jean-François Michel

Zbinden  Jf  Seganona  Cl33

Seganona op. 109
Suite d’impressions
for 2 clarinets and bass clarinet
Julien-François Zbinden

Lane Richard Suite Flute And Guitar Mcx74

for flute and guitar
Richard Lane

Forbes Michael David Goliath Tu172D

David & Goliath
for solo tuba and tuba/euphonium ensemble
Michael Forbes

Charriere Caroline Mon Secret V112

Mon Secret
for mixed choir, solo baritone and harp
Caroline Charrière

Thibault Thierry Freres De La Brume Tu129A

Frères de la brume
Hommage à Henri Quéffelec
for saxhorn (euphonium), tuba and piano
Thierry Thibault

Szentpali Roland Pearls 2 Tu160B

Pearls II
for euphonium (trombone) and symphony orchestra
Roland Szentpali

Reskin Charles Chet The Jet Tp350

Chet The Jet
for trumpet and piano
Charles Reskin

Thibault Thierry Tours Et Detours Tu196

Tours et détours
for saxhorn or euphonium and piano
Thierry Thibault

Post David Tarantella Fl45

for flute and piano
David Post

Szentpali Roland Illustrations Co101

on poems by Attila József
for horn in F and piano
Roland Szentpali

Strukow  Valery  Trio  Co43

for oboe, horn and piano
Valery Strukow

Charriere Caroline Suissitude Girometta V110 4

4. Girometta
for mixed choir, clarinet and violin
Caroline Charrière

Masson Askell 5 Pieces Ens227

5 Pieces
for trumpet and trombone
Áskell Másson

Plog Anthony Double Concerto 2014 Ens217

Double Concerto 2014
for trumpet, trombone, antiphonal string orchestra and 3 percussions
Anthony Plog

Ley Hermann Elegie Tp275

for trumpet and organ
Hermann Ley

Gibbons Orlando 6 Fantasias Tp356

6 Fantasias
for 2 trumpets (or flugelhorns)
Orlando Gibbons

Plog Anthony Aesop Fables I Horn

Aesop Fables I
for narrator, horn in F and piano
Anthony Plog

Szentpali Roland Fasten Your Seat Belt Tu197

Fasten Your Seatbelt
A Jazz Suite
for euphonium solo and jazz band
Roland Szentpali

Reskin Charles Passages Tp338

for trumpet and chamber orchestra
Charles Reskin

Masson Askell Frum Perc39

A Drum Song
for solo percussion
Áskell Másson

Saglietti Corrado Maria Inizio O Fine Tb98

Inizio o Fine
for bass trombone and strings
Corrado Maria Saglietti

Lane Richard Souvenir Flute And Organ Fl25

for flute and organ
Richard Lane

Harju Jukka Swedish Folksongs Co99

Swedish Folk Songs
for horn quartet
Jukka Harju

Lane Richard Aria And Allegro Va25

Aria and Allegro
for viola solo and string orchestra
Richard Lane

Charriere Caroline Psaume V68

Psaume 27
for women choir and harp
Caroline Charrière

Harju Jukka Waltz Twist Co81

Waltz Twist
A Twisted Jazz Waltz
for horn and piano
Jukka Harju