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Herrmann Gottfried Andante E Polacca Tp24
Gottfried Herrman
Andante e Polacca
for trumpet and piano
intermediate / advanced


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Gottfried Herrman

Gottfried Herrman (1808-1878)

A product of an old musical family in the service of the small Thuringian ducal residence of Sonderhausen, he was raised in the family tradition. From 1813 to 1826, the family set up housekeeping in Nordhausen, and the young Gottfried was the beneficiary of a superior general education (Gymnasium) and received his first lessons on piano from the organist Seebach. The local musical life was...
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About Andante e Polacca

Fills a certain gap

Gottfried Herrmann was in aIl probability 20 when he wrote this work during his stay in Hannover (1827-1829). Gottfried Herrmann was at this time under the direct influence of Louis Spohr and Moritz Hartmann. The writing is nevertheless already assured, and written during the phase of musical evolution when the Romantic era was being born out of the Classic.

This Andante e Polacca, with its delicate charm, fills a certain gap in the solo trumpet repertoire of this epoch.

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