Reskin Charles Friedrichstrasse Ens233 Digital
Charles Reskin
for trumpet, trombone and piano
intermediate / advanced Duration: 7'15

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Charles Reskin

Charles Reskin (*1946)

Charles Reskin was born in New York City in 1946. Though he started out as a percussionist, he soon became attracted to the trumpet. During his high school years he played both instruments with local professional orchestras and took private classes in ear training and conducting at the University of Miami.He honed his playing and wrote his first compositions at the summer classes of the Brevard...
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About Friedrichstrasse

Charles Reskin's Friedrichstrasse, composed in 2019 for the Velikogoricki Brass Festival (Croatia), and dedicated to trumpeter Reinhold Friedrich, his wife Erika, and his son David, divides itself into two sections. In the first of the two, the Diatonic Prelude, the piano plays a calm, measured dance, to which the trumpet and the trombone respond with unmeasured declamations at first quiet, then progressively louder and more agitated as they discover the extent of their capabilities.

Upon arriving at the second of the work's two sections, the Allegro agitato, and now fully confident of their powers, the trumpet and the trombone leap in with both feet. In perfect unanimity of expression, and seconded by timely punctuations from the piano, they join in a lively duo as if off to the races.

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trumpet in Bb or C, tenor trombone and piano
Editions Bim
Diatonic Prelude
Allegro agitato