Thibault Thierry Freres De La Brume Tu129A

Thierry Thibault

Frères de la brume

Hommage à Henri Quéffelec

for saxhorn (euphonium), tuba and piano

Level: intermediate
Duration: 8'


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This homage goes well beyond the famous novel, the story of «Elan», ocean tugboat, and its captain Jacques Avril. Henri Queffélec (1910-1992), the brilliant Breton novelist, is the pre-eminent author cum narrator who leads us through the discovery of the tempests of Douarnenez, the story of fire emanating the sea and the lives of the men of Ouessant, Sein, Groix or Molène. Queffélec presents his subject in a manner that will satisfy the passions of all lovers of the sea.

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Thierry Thibault

Thierry Thibault (*1693)

French tuba player Thierry Thibault (born 1963) is a current and founding member of the «Epsilon» brass ensemble, a group that has won two international chamber music awards (Narbonne in 1988 and Osaka in 1993). He performes and gives masterclasses in Europe, Japan, USA, Africa and South America. As a composer and arranger, Thierry Thibault has... Read more