Ashton Graham 6 Miniatures Ens180
Graham Ashton
6 Miniatures
for brass quartet
intermediate / advanced Duration: 5'

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ENS180 Score and parts

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Graham Ashton

Graham Ashton (*1956)

Graham Ashton is Professor of Trumpet, and Chair of Brass at Purchase College, State University of New York. He is also solo trumpet with the premier contemporary ensemble, Fires-New York, and director of the Graham Ashton Brass Ensemble - an eclectic mix of New York’s finest brass players from the New York Philharmonic, Metropolitan Opera, American Symphony, and the faculties of the Juilliard...
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About 6 Miniatures

Flippant portrayals of aspects of the human condition

The six short movements are flippant portrayals of a few aspects of the human condition: frustration, apprehension, elation, inquisition, fear and vulnerability. The titles are fairly self-explanatory, except perhaps for Frog Tango, which was written after an evening when I spent far too long trying to figure out how many performers were in the (very) noisy ensemble of bullfrogs in our back garden! Graham Ashton

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2 trumpets, horn, trombone
Editions Bim
I. Racing to get there, but not going very fast at all
II. Waiting, nervously
III. Well the mushrooms, there were just magnificent!
IV. The grogs were doing this weird dance, almost like a Tango
V. Cries and Whispers
VI. It was almost as if time was going backwards

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