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Monot Pierre Alain Dans Le Chateau De La Fee Fluide Ens28

Pierre-Alain Monot

Dans le Château de la Fée Fluide

for brass quartet

Level: intermediate
Duration: 8'
Collection Novus


ENS28 - Score and parts

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This piece does not have a program because the music influenced the choice of the title and not the other way around. Nevertheless, the first part could evoke the gentleness of the «fluid» element, and the second the other side of the fairy (fée), capricious and elusive...

2 trumpets and 2 trombones
Editions Bim
Pierre-Alain Monot

Pierre-Alain Monot (*1961)

Pierre-Alain Monot was born in 1961 in Fleurier in Val-de-Travers in Switzerland. Member of a family which has loved (and played) brass instruments, he received his first lessons on the cornet from his father. After having finished his studies at the con- servatory of Neuchatel in 1984, he was named principal trumpet of the orchestra of Winterthur.... Read more