Brass quintet with accompaniment

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  • ENS200b Score

    ENS200c Parts

    ENS200d Study score (incl. solo)

    advanced Duration: 17'

    The Concerto 2010 is a four movement work for the combination of brass quintet and wind ensemble, and in certain passages the relationshíp between the two groups is the traditional one of soloist and accompaniment.  But quite frequently this... Read more

  • ENS138b Orchestra score

    ENS138c Orchestra parts

    ENS138d Score and solo parts

    advanced Duration: 18'

    Suite concertante consists of three movements.The Intrada offers a series of contrasting musical ideas, heard over a stately majestic pulse, which proceed slowly, interrupted by occasional lulls in the action, towards a powerful and glorious final... Read more

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  • ENS53 Score and parts

    intermediate Duration: 4'


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  • ENS189b Orchestra score

    ENS189d Study score (incl. solo)

    ENS189c Orchestra parts

    advanced Duration: 17' Spanish Brass Repertoire

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  • ENS154b Orchestra score

    ENS154c Orchestra parts

    ENS154d Study score (incl. solo)

    advanced Duration: 25' Spanish Brass Repertoire

    La Devota Lasciva (The Lascivious Devout) is a piece in three movements which correspond more or less with those of a classical concerto structure, including a cadenza at the end of the first movement and a slow middle movement. The last movement... Read more

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