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Livitsanos Alexandros Circular Argument Ens229
Alexandros Livitsanos
Circular Argument
for brass quintet
intermediate / advanced Duration: 15'

ENS229 Score and parts

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Alexandros Livitsanos

Alexandros Livitsanos

Alexandros was born in 1985, in Athens Greece. His interest in music began at a very early age. He is both a classically and jazz trained musician. He studied classical piano, composition, arrangement, film music, jazz organ, and keyboard programming with some of the most distinguished Greek musicians and teachers of the National Conservatoire of Greece among others. Alexandros has shown...
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Audio samples

1. Au Cirque
2. Uliar
3. Let's Not Argue
4. It's Not Meant

About Circular Argument

Circular Argument takes its roots in the music of Balcan countries. Each movement of this suite has its own character, based on a main theme. A lively and casual work which connects to all kinds of memories and emotions.

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2 trumpets (Bb or C), horn (F or Eb), trombone (treble or bass clef) and tuba (or Eb bass)
Editions Bim
1. Au CIRque (3'19) - (3'20)
2.U L (i) AR (3’38) - (3'40)
3. Let’s not ARGUe (4’05) - (4'00)
4. It’s not MEaNT (3’48) (3'50)

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  • April 2, 2018 | Concerto di Pasqua | Magadino, Switzerland. Clangore Nuovo, Patrick Berger, Paolo Milesi (trumpet), Davide Citera (horn), Andrea Zotti (trombone), Marta Gerosa (tuba).

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