Moore Thimothy Brass Quintet Ens32

Timothy Moore

Brass Quintet

for brass quintet

Level: intermediate
Duration: 12'

I. Andante Flessibile I. Andante Flessibile

II. Scherzo Vivace II. Scherzo Vivace

III. Adagio Flessibile III. Adagio Flessibile

IV. Allegro IV. Allegro

ENS32 - Score and parts

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The Work

The Brass Quintet is in 4 continuous movements. The Scherzo, which comes second, is a Rondo mainly in 5/ 8 time, the 1st Episode being an English folk-dance tune, the 2nd a canon between horn and tuba, and the 3rd a rhythmical transformation of a song from Bizet's "Carmen". In the last movement, which is jazz influenced, each of the five instruments has a solo on a "12-bar blues" harmonic progression.

2 trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba
1. Andante flessibile (3'30)
2. Scherzo vivace (”Hunt the Squirrel”), Habañera from “Carmen” (2'45)
3. Adagio fessibile (3')
4. Allegro (3'15)
Editions Bim
Timothy Moore

Timothy Moore (1922-2003)

The son of the famous philosopher G.E. Moore, Timothy Moore was born in Cambridge, England, in 1922. He studied music and philosophy at Cambridge University and went on to the Royal College of Music, London as a composition scholar. He was Director of Music at Dartington Hall School for 32 years and has also worked as a jazz pianist. His major... Read more