Dayer Xavier Memoires Cercles Mcx87
Xavier Dayer
Mémoire, cercles
for oboe, violin, viola, violoncello
advanced Duration: 10'30 Swiss Composers Series

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Xavier Dayer

Xavier Dayer (*1972)

Xavier Dayer, born in Geneva (Switzerland) in 1972, studied composition in his hometown with Eric Gaudibert, later with Tristan Murail and Brian Ferneyhough in Paris (IRCAM and Foundation Royaumont). In 1995, as a student of Matthias Spaeter, he received a diploma in guitar from the Fribourg Conservatory (Switzerland). He has won several prizes for composition, including the Bürgi-Willert...
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About Mémoire, cercles

A cantus firmus

A melodic line, functioning in the form of a  "cantus firmus" buried within the musical texture of the quartet, appears only in altered, ornamented, or otherwise modified form, with the musical sentence itself being obfuscated by the melodic and harmonic textures, reflecting the subtle manner with which human memory functions when interacting with oblivion. 

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