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Pantillon Francois Gaudium Mcx66
François Pantillon
for flute, oboe, violin, 2 viole, cello
intermediate / advanced Duration: 14' Swiss Composers Series

MCX66 Score and parts

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François Pantillon

François Pantillon (*1928)

François Pantillon was born 1928 into a family of musicians. He studied music first with his father, then for 5 years at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. He received several First Prizes (violin, harmony, conterpoint) and a diploma in conducting. He gained considerable experience in conducting by leading many orchestras, earning an international reputation as an oratorio specialist. He...
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About Gaudium

A divertimento in three parts

The sextet is a divertimento in three parts: the first offers contrasting burlesque and heroic themes, followed by a gracious and cantabile theme. The second movement is a march doloroso that evolves into an ethereal dream episode, and the third is a joyfull and bright badinerie highlighted by unpredictable rhythmic variations.

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