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Winkelmann Helena Fremdlaender Mcx92

Helena Winkelman


for chamber ensemble

Level: advanced
Duration: 12'
Swiss Composers Series


Fremdländler  Fremdländler

MCX92 Score and parts

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Fremdländler is a musical rendering of a famous story called Ds Totemügerli by Swiss writer Franz Hohler. The interprets should be like storytellers and incorporate as accurately as possible the atmospheres, movements and happenings in this ghost story. For that reason some of the fragments of the text are placed in score and parts. The translations though are on very shaky foundations because many of the words are invented and only the onomatopoetic intuition of the native swiss german dialect speaker gives some clues. Regardless: To play the piece well you will need these clues.

It all starts early in the morning when two mountaineers after having gotten drunk at the local pub start their way home and encounter some mountain spirits, called Totemügerli who one finds out in the end of the story are spirits of mountaineers who died.

clarinet (Eb/Bb), dulcimer (cimbalom), violin, viola, cello, contrabasso
Editions Bim
Helena Winkelman

Helena Winkelman (*1974)

Helena Winkelman (b. 1974) is a Swiss composer and violinist. She showed an exceptional musical talent very early. Having won national and international violin competitions at a young age, she has become a composer with an own distinct voice. Her interest in jazz and renaissance music had her start composing in a postmodernist way, using different... Read more

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