Saglietti  Corrado  Maria  Weekend  In  Tokyo  Mcx69
Corrado Maria Saglietti
Weekend in Tokyo
for flute, oboe and piano
intermediate Duration: 15'

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Corrado Maria Saglietti

Corrado Maria Saglietti (*1957)

Corrado Maria Saglietti was born in 1957 in Costigliole d’Asti, Italy. He studied horn with G. Zoppi and graduated with highest honors. Since 1977 he has been playing in the RAI National Symphony Orchestra of Turin, and in 1990 he became principal horn; he often plays chamber music and performs as a soloist. In 1986 he received his degree in composition from the Turin Conservatory where he...
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About Weekend in Tokyo

Lasting images and impressions that make up several days spent in Tokyo.

I. Shibuya - A traffic light where a river of people moves almost mechanically, everyone follows their own direction.

II. Meiji Jingu - A temple immersed in greenery where a man and a woman, dressed in refined ceremonial clothes, precedes the bridal procession.

III. Back in Shibuya - I return to the heart of the crowd.

IV. Suidobashi - The water glides peacefully under the bridge, not giving a care what it surrounds.

V. Shibuya and Intermezzo - From the crowd appears a very beautiful woman in traditional costume.

VI. Zojoji Temple - A temple rite where small, high-pitched bells and a deep-sounding large drum add to the song of the monks.

VII. Tokyo Dome City - The unrestrained amusements of Luna Park.

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Editions Bim
I. Shibuya
II. Meiji Jingu
III. Back in Shibuya
IV. Suidobashi
V. Shibuya and Intermezzo
VI. Zojoji Temple
VII. Tokyo Dome City


  • January 13, 2018 | Miao North Theater Chamber Music Series | Miao, China. Onkyo Ensemble.