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Bach Johann Sebastian Wacht Auf Tp127

Johann Sebastian Bach

Wacht auf!

for trumpet, bass voice and basso continuo

Level: intermediate / advanced
Duration: 3'
Arrangeur: Stephen L. Glover


TP127 Score and parts

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Cantata BWV 20

Cantata BWV 20 («0 Ewigkeit, du Donnerwort», for the first Sunday after Trinity and first performed between 1723 and 1727) is one of several in which Bach writes for slide trumpet («tromba da tirarsi»). The present aria, «Wacht auf», opens the second part of the work, after a pause for the sermon. Here the word «slide» is not indicated, although common sense tells us that Reiche, the trumpeter, would not necessarily have changed instruments for this one aria, since a slide trumpet is the same as a natural trumpet if the slide is left stationary.

(opt. violoncello)
c. 1723
Stephen L. Glover
The Brass Press

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)