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Varga Judit Mosar Tc3

Judit Varga


for violin, viola and cello

TC3 Score and parts - CHF32.00 (Print)

  • Level: advanced
  • Duration: 10'
  • Genre: contemporary
  • Composed: 2017
Judit Varga

Judit Varga (*1979)

Judit Varga (born 1979 in Hungary) lives and works in Vienna. Since 2013 she has been teaching composition and applied and film music at the Franz Liszt Music University in Budapest. From... Read more

About Mosar

Sensual sound, fine illusionism, a refreshing enigma

French-speaking call Mozart Mosar, while for Icelanders it means moss. This work was also partially inspired by the section of the mysterious Voynich manuscript from the 15th century that deals with herbs. I read that the colourful sketches of the herbarium can barely be used for plant identification. It seems like the drawings were “combined”, using roots, stems and flowers of different plants.

The thematic material of the composition (or what appears to be the thematic material) gives you the same impression. At first it sounds familiar, but when you try to grab what it really is, you realize it has a resemblance to many different things, so you would be hard pressed to pin it down as one specific quote.

The sound field and the shifting, constantly changing contours do not make the guessing game any easier either, and soon we are forced to admit that the elusiveness of the thematic material is connected to the essence of the music.

Sensual sound, fine illusionism, a refreshing enigma – what could be a more noble entertainment?

Szabolcs Molnár

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