Filas Juraj Omaggio A Verdi Mcx32
Juraj Filas
Omaggio a Verdi (1813-2003)
for woodwind quintet
advanced Duration: 26'

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Juraj Filas

Juraj Filas (1955-2021)

Juraj Filas’ compositions are inspired by his faith in music’s power to heal wounds, open hearts, and bring peoples together. His music is encompassed by one philosophy: Harmony is the needed balance for the universe. Juraj Filas is the author of more than 120 opuses across the genres of concerts, symphonies, cantatas, operas, and chamber music. His requiem, Oratio Spei (Prayer of Hope),...
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About Omaggio a Verdi (1813-2003)

A majestic dimension

The Omaggio [Hommage] a [to] Verdi includes many recognizable features of the Italian master's work, together with a subtle dramatization, minus the parody, that clearly delineates those issues which provide separation from, while at the same time which bind us to this bygone era.

The individual performers in this flashy wind quintet are confronted with technical, musical and physical challenges which impose a majestic dimension to this work.

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Editions Bim
I. Introduzione / Sonata (10’)
II. Adagio (7’)
III. Finale (9’)