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Lane Richard Magicians Shoes Wq Mcx47D

Richard Lane

The Magician’s Shoes

A Musical Fable

for woodwind quintet, piano and narrator

Level: intermediate
Duration: 16'
Language: English, French, German

Richard Lane Series


Coming soon: March 2018

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The Magician's Shoes are gone!

A pair of shoes of a performing magician invite you on a journey of discovery and wisdom as they escape their shiny black box and set off to see what the world has to offer. In this enlightening and playful musical fable with its witty narrative and enchanting dialogues, Richard Lane prompts children as well as the child in all of us to get in touch with our innocence and purity regarding our point of view and truly remember that it's not always what it seems to walk in someone else's shoes. Maria Giannakopoulou, 18 September 2017

narrator, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, piano
Richard Lane
Editions Bim
Richard Lane

Richard Lane (1933-2004)

On September 3, 2004, a police patrol intercepted a convertible Ford Mustang that was zigzagging out of control. Richard Lane had just left Cape Cod, where he spent his summers composing, and suffered a stroke while driving back to his home in Paterson, New Jersey. He was urgently taken to Newark University Hospital, but nine days later, he passed... Read more