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Steptoe  Roger  Sonatine 3  Org6

Roger Steptoe

Sonatine III

for organ

Level: advanced
Duration: 8'



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Free variations on an imaginary theme

The Sonatine III draws on one of Bach's Chorales: ''Verleih' uns Frieden gnädiglich'' (Mercifully grant us peace). By freely using, integrating, fragmenting and constantly developing thematic references to this Chorale in a rich variety of ways the work exposes an extract of the original Chorale at the end, and in the Chorale's tonic key of G major. In a way the Sonatine can be considered as a set of free variations on an imaginary theme.

Editions Bim
Roger Steptoe

Roger Steptoe (*1953)

Roger Steptoe (born 1953) is acknowledged to be one of the most respected British musicians of his generation. A composer of international renown his impressive catalogue of works includes chamber music, concertos, song cycles and instrumental sonatas all of which have been performed worldwide. As an admired pianist he has pioneered much neglected... Read more