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Rauber Francois Concerto Souvenance Vn13

François Rauber

Concerto «Souvenance»

for violin and orchestra

Level: advanced
Duration: 14'


I. Criance  I. Criance

II. Aimance  II. Aimance

III. Grincance  III. Grincance

VN13a - Piano reduction (solo part included)
VN13b - Orchestra score
VN13c - Orchestra parts
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Elegance and sensitivity

«When one remembers François Rauber, the first words which come to memory are elegance and sensitivity. His charming and imaginative use of musical colors expresses totally the love he had for that art. His violin concerto, lively, bouncing and singing, has been dedicated to the memory of Jacques Brel, the famous Belgian song singer, for whom François Rauber wrote most of the orchestrations. These feelings have convinced me to play that work, of which the title ‘Souvenance’ recalls moments of great shared friendship.» Jean-Pierre Wallez

Instrumentation - - perc, strings: 86442
I. Criance (4'20)
II. Aimance (6'20)
III. Grinçance (7')
Editions Bim
François Rauber

François Rauber (1933-2003)

The talent of the French composer François Rauber  (born January 19th, 1933 in Neufchâteau, France)  has expressed itself in many ways: "classical" compositions, music for theater, film and TV; as well as directing symphony orchestras or popular music groups. He studied piano, music theory, counterpoint, fugue and composition at the... Read more