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Balissat Jean Rueckblick Vn19
Jean Balissat
for violin and orchestra
intermediate / advanced Duration: 13' Swiss Composers Series

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VN19a Piano reduction (solo part included)

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VN19c Orchestra parts

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Jean Balissat

Jean Balissat (1936-2007)

Jean Balissat was born in 1936 in Lausanne (Switzerland), and was drawn straight away to composing and conducting. He studied harmony and counterpoint in Lausanne, before taking composition, orchestration and conducting in Geneva. In order to gain a better understanding of the orchestra, he also studied horn and percussion. As orchestral director and bandmaster, he has conducted numerous...
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About Rückblick

Subtly orchestrated environment of shadows and violent sounds

Rückblick [Looking back] is a reconstructed version by the composer of a work which originally was subtitled "Elegia notturna". During the thirteen minute work, the solo violin, this instrument that symbolizes our highest cultural values, attempts to prevail with its lyrical tradition against a harrowing dramatic fight as reflected by a subtly orchestrated environment of shadows and violent sounds, all of which ends up with a desperate questioning and repeated ritornello, escaping into the endless silence…

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2.2(eh).2.2-, celesta, glockenspiel, harp, strings
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