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Vartan Adjemian, Concerto for flute and chamber orchestra

Vartan Adjemian


for flute and chamber orchestra or piano

Level: advanced
Duration: 14'


FL32a - Piano reduction (solo part included)
FL32b - Orchestra score
FL32c - Orchestra parts
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Flashing rhythmical passages with meditativ sequences

This one-movement concerto stands out by Adjemian’s elegant writing which links flashing rhythmical passages with meditativ sequences, a solo or accompanied cadenza, all together attached within that armenian tradition with its occidental and asian roots.

The work was premiered 1998 by flutist Tigran Gevorkyan, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Armenia conducted by Ruben Asatryan.

Instrumentation - - piano - strings (65441)
Editions Bim
Vartan Adjemian

Vartan Adjemian (*1956)

Vartan Adjemian was born 1956 to a very well-known and popular family in Armenia. His grandfather, Vartan Adjemian Sr. (1905-1977) studied with Stanislavsky and Vsevolod Meyerhold and  was the General Stage Director of the National Theatre of Armenia and his grandmother was Arus Asryan (1904-1987), one of the leading actress of the same... Read more