Winkelmann Helena Tree Talk VC20
Helena Winkelman
Tree Talk
für 2 solo violoncelli and string orchestra
fortgeschritten Dauer: 13' Swiss Composers Series

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Helena Winkelman

Helena Winkelman (*1974)

Helena Winkelman, geboren 1974, ist eine Schweizer Komponistin und Geigerin. Ihre Neigung zur Musik wurde früh gefördert. Obwohl sie in jungen Jahren Preisträgerin an nationalen und internationalen Violinwettbewerben wurde, hat sie sich in den letzten Jahren ganz der Komposition gewidmet. Ihr Interesse an Jazz und Renaissancemusik liessen sie zuerst mit dem für den Postmodernismus typischen...
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About Tree Talk

This work has been inspired by the trees wherefrom string instruments are made. The composer tried to enter an empathic way of communication with trees and this is the result. How does the experience of not being able to move from one’s place influence the genesis of a musical structure? Is there a kind of synaesthetic representation in sound possible of how it feels if one’s existence extends as much below the earth as above? Are adjectives we use to describe kinesthetic sensations translatable into music? For example: the breaking open of buds, the cool shadow under majestic treetops in summer, the falling leaves in autumn and the scent of their humidity, the shivering of twigs in winter? How does a tree feel towards a guy coming along with an axe? The two solo cellos are sometimes clearly audible as solo-instruments, sometimes they almost disappear in the ensemble because the characteristics of their lines is often more symbiotic than contrasting. The work follows the four seasons and starts in spring.


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  • 2. Februar 2022 | San Sebastian, Spanien. Swiss Orchestra, Lena-Lisa Wüstendörfer (Leitung).

  • 31. Januar 2022 | Madrid, Spanien. Swiss Orchestra, Lena-Lisa Wüstendörfer (Leitung).

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