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Théo Charlier (1868-1944)


Théo Charlier, born in 1868 in Liège, Belgium, and died in 1944, was a renowned trumpeter and pedagogue. He began his musical training at the Royal Conservatory of Liège, where he studied under the eminent trumpeter Jean-Baptiste Immez. Charlier quickly distinguished himself with his technical skills and musicality, becoming one of the most respected trumpeters of his time.

After completing his studies, Charlier embarked on a career as a soloist and orchestral musician. He played with many prestigious orchestras in Europe, gaining significant recognition in the classical music world. In addition to his performing career, Charlier was also a dedicated teacher. He taught at the Royal Conservatory of Liège, where he trained many students who themselves became accomplished musicians.

Charlier is best known today for his collection of trumpet studies, the "36 Études Transcendantes". This collection is considered one of the most important pedagogical works for trumpeters and is still widely used in conservatories and music schools around the world.

His contribution to trumpet technique and music education continues to have a significant impact, making him an indispensable figure in the history of the instrument.


Etudes No. 1 & 2 from 36 Etudes Transcendantes for trumpet
for brass quintet

1. De l'articulation
2. Du style