Euphonium ensemble

  • Saglietti Corrado Maria 10 Classical Quartets Euphonium Tu203 Digital

    TU203 Score and parts

    D-TU203 Score and parts - Digital

    intermediate Duration: 15'

    “10 Classical Quartets” is a collection of quartets in the style of traditional horn literature - adapted for euphonium - richly detailed and written to use the whole range of the euphonium, with easy melodies and a lot of counterpoint so that each... Read more

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  • TU201b Brass band score

    TU201c Brass band parts

    TU201d Study score (incl. solo)

    TU201a Solo parts

    advanced Duration: 5'30

    Roller Coaster is the second work written by Hungarian composer Roland Szentpali for the traditional Brass Band instrumentation with two (spicy) solo euphonium parts (or two tenor saxophones, or two trombones, or any combination thereof). This brief... Read more

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  • TU130 Score and parts

    intermediate Duration: 16'30

    This piece follows musically the route of Gulf Stream. The first movement reflects the beginning of the journey, when the stream is at its highest temperature. The second movement represents the voyage along the European coastal areas and their... Read more

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  • TU167 Score and parts

    intermediate Duration: 3'45

    Short Meditation is written for two antiphonal groups of six same instruments. As the title suggests, most of the piece is calm and reflective. Yet there are several moments of more dynamic and emotional intensity, and it is the contrast between... Read more

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