• Lauber Joseph Die Alpen ORCH110


    ORCH110b Orchestra score

    ORCH110c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 17' Swiss Composers Series

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  • ORCH91b Orchestra score

    ORCH91c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 14'

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  • ORCH89b Orchestra score

    ORCH89c Orchestra parts

    ORCH89d Study score

    Duration: 10'
  • ORCH87b Orchestra score

    ORCH87c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 15'

    Watch and listen to the complete recording on YouTubeSounds of Generation Y Part II was commissioned by Theater & Philharmonie Thüringen in 2018. Stylistically... Read more

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  • ORCH81b Orchestra score

    ORCH81c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 9'

    An exciting and virtuosic showpiece composed for the Venezuelan Brass Ensemble which stems from the famous Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela. Giancarlo Castro D’Addona has realized in 2016 this transcription for symphony orchestra. Read more

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  • ORCH85b Orchestra score

    ORCH85c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 14'
  • Arrangeur: Pierre-Alain Monot

    ORCH83b Orchestra score

    ORCH83c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 30'
  • ORCH61d Study score

    ORCH61b Orchestra score

    ORCH61c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 32' Swiss Composers Series

    A notable characteristic of this symphony is the addition of a saxophone quartet, which doesn’t mean that it is a jazz work or even less a concerto in which the four saxophones (soprano, alto, tenor and baritone) would be soloists. They exist and... Read more

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  • ORCH8d Study score

    ORCH8b Orchestra score

    ORCH8c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 26' Swiss Composers Series

    The 4th Symphony is divided into four movements. I. Lento misterioso, Allegro
    The first half of the work opens with an ostinato in the celli, in which an anxious, continually syncopated six-note motif develops toward a paroxysm of violence. The... Read more

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  • ORCH1d Study score

    ORCH1b Orchestra score

    ORCH1c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 25' Swiss Composers Series

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  • ORCH2d Study score

    ORCH2b Orchestra score

    ORCH2c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 12' Swiss Composers Series

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  • ORCH25b Orchestra score

    ORCH25c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 7' Swiss Composers Series
  • ORCH26b Orchestra score

    ORCH26c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 8' Swiss Composers Series
  • ORCH15b Orchestra score

    ORCH15c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 8'30 Swiss Composers Series
  • ORCH27b Orchestra score

    ORCH27c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 17' Swiss Composers Series
  • ORCH38b Orchestra score

    ORCH38c Orchestra parts

    ORCH38d Study score

    Duration: 15'

    The work, subtitled "For the Freedom of Mind and Thought," follows the concerto grosso model of the Baroque Era and features a small group, consisting of three violins, viola, and cello being employed as the concertino ensemble that is contrasted... Read more

  • ORCH44b Orchestra score

    ORCH44c Orchestra parts

    ORCH44d Study score

    Duration: 6'15

    The title, which translates as “to shout for joy’, reflects the generally celebratory mood of this short “mini-overture”. The work opens with a solemn “fanfare” by the solo trumpet. This theme, based on a tune appropriate to the occasion, is then... Read more

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  • ORCH73b Orchestra score

    ORCH73c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 8'30

    This Adagio was originally composed in 1991 and revised in 2009. It was written in memory of Rayburn Wright, a former teacher of mine at the Eastman School of Music, shortly after he passed away. The music is meant to convey both the sense of loss... Read more

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  • ORCH69b Orchestra score

    ORCH69c Score and parts

    Duration: 21' Swiss Composers Series

    Audio samples

  • ORCH39b Orchestra score

    ORCH39c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 7' Swiss Composers Series

    "I, Jeremy, am sad at heart. There are no remedies to heal my sorrow..." This is the passage from "Jeremy's Lamentations" which has, in all humility, inspired me, the composer states, and his sound portrait is indeed strongly inspired by that... Read more

  • ORCH28b Orchestra score

    ORCH28c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 11' Swiss Composers Series
  • ORCH20d Study score

    ORCH20b Orchestra score

    ORCH20c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 10' Swiss Composers Series

    Audio samples

  • ORCH75b Orchestra score

    ORCH75d Study score

    ORCH75c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 6'40

    Weiter is a short work for orchestra that uses a single rhythmic motif as its main impulse. This motif (a series of eighth notes followed by eighth rests) propels the piece through its various sections. The word Weiter is used in many ways in... Read more

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  • ORCH10b Orchestra score

    ORCH10c Orchestra parts

    ORCH10d Study score

    Duration: 28'
  • ORCH57b Orchestra score

    ORCH57c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 7'
  • ORCH9b Orchestra score

    ORCH9c Orchestra parts

    ORCH9d Study score

    Duration: 12'

    Audio samples

  • ORCH3b Orchestra score

    ORCH3c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 11'
  • ORCH13d Study score

    ORCH13b Orchestra score

    ORCH13c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 12'

    Audio samples

  • ORCH12d Study score

    ORCH12b Orchestra score

    ORCH12c Orchestra parts

  • ORCH14d Study score

    ORCH14b Orchestra score

    ORCH14c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 30'
  • ORCH54d Study score

    ORCH54b Orchestra score

    ORCH54c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 21'

    Georgi Mintchev wrote Contrasts at the request of Thomas Kalb, GMD of the Heidelberg Philharmonic Orchestra (Germany),  for the 2003-2004 music season. A poetic and emotional, yet virtuosic piece where the dynamic and rhythmic content covers a wide... Read more

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  • ORCH5b Orchestra score

    ORCH5c Orchestra parts

    ORCH5d Study score

    Duration: 15' Swiss Composers Series

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  • ORCH6d Study score

    ORCH6b Score

    ORCH6c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 12' Swiss Composers Series

    Audio samples

  • ORCH7b Orchestra score

    ORCH7c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 15'30 Swiss Composers Series

    Audio samples

  • ORCH4d Study score

    ORCH4b Orchestra score

    ORCH4c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 18' Swiss Composers Series

    Audio samples

  • ORCH78b Orchestra score

    ORCH78c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 22' Swiss Composers Series
  • ORCH16d Study score

    ORCH16b Orchestra score

    ORCH16c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 9' Swiss Composers Series
  • ORCH42b Orchestra score

    ORCH42c Orchestra parts

    ORCH42d Study score

    Duration: 55'

    Audio samples

  • ORCH48b Orchestra score

    ORCH48c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 11'

    This string orchestra work was written to the memory of the author’s great grandfather, whose name was Otto N. Thorlaksson. He was a seaman, mostly working in very harsh circumstances on the old cutter-ships in the early years of the 20th century.... Read more

    Audio samples

  • ORCH47d Study score

    ORCH47b Orchestra score

    ORCH47c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 24'
  • ORCH49d Study score

    ORCH49b Orchestra score

    ORCH49c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 7'

    Frón means Iceland, and this work is based on fragments from Icelandic folk songs. The opening trumpet statement thus includes fragments from three of the oldest known Icelandic melodies and these are also the ones most frequently referred to in the... Read more

  • ORCH46b Orchestra score

    ORCH46c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 11'

    Audio samples

  • ORCH55b Orchestra score

    ORCH55c Orchestra parts

    ORCH55d Study score

    Duration: 15' Portuguese Composers Series
  • Arrangeur: Kirill Karabits

    ORCH53b Orchestra score

    ORCH53c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 6'15

    This short «Sinfonia à 6» in D (Allegro - Grave - Presto) for two horns, strings and b.c. (completed and edited by Kirill Karabits) displays the technical skills and creative musical imagination of Johann Gottlieb Graun. Until 1943 the original... Read more

  • ORCH70b Orchestra score

    ORCH70c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 9' Swiss Composers Series
  • ORCH35b Orchestra score

    ORCH35c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 28'

    Audio samples

  • ORCH37b Orchestra score

    ORCH37c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 8'
  • ORCH18b Orchestra score

    ORCH18c Orchestra parts

    ORCH18d Study score

    Duration: 24'
  • ORCH29b Orchestra score

    ORCH29c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 6'

    Audio samples

  • ORCH21b Orchestra score

    ORCH21c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 35'
  • ORCH22b Orchestra score

    ORCH22 Orchestra parts

    Duration: 17'

    Audio samples

  • ORCH45b Orchestra score

    ORCH45c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 16' Armenian Composers Series

    The Chamber Symphony for strings is structured in a single movement. In writing this work the composer was inspired by the complex collisions of our difficult and contradictory time. The symphony is dedicated to the memory of Aram Khatchaturyan. Read more

  • ORCH67b Score

    ORCH67c Parts

    Duration: 6' Swiss Composers Series

    This very melancholic piece opens with a melody made of “mourning colored” notes which pass from one instrument to another. Then the music becomes more and more luminous with the successive enrichment of the instrumentation. Read more

  • ORCH68b Orchestra score

    ORCH68c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 6'30 Swiss Composers Series

    Birth...The beginning of an existence. Mystery. The first breath. Germs of life appear, synergies are created, networks generated. A life force develops, imposing itself jubilantly. Read more

    Audio samples

  • ORCH65b Orchestra score

    ORCH65c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 17'30 Swiss Composers Series

    About the movements of the suite «Le Temps» (The Time) Kronos… First I thought about a more peaceful sounding work with a title like «The Delights of Time». Then the piece changed slowly. A fast, dissonant sequence slipped into the middle of the... Read more

    Audio samples

  • ORCH52b Orchestra score

    ORCH52c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 6' Swiss Composers Series

    The title, with its "end of 19th c." connotation, indicates a rather contemplative and elegiac piece, in form of an arch, with an esthetic and syntax - tonal and modal - which places it slightly out of its time. Read more

    Audio samples

  • ORCH56b Orchestra score

    ORCH56c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 21' Swiss Composers Series

    This work is rather symptomatic of my composing manner: a string orchestra which I use in a most traditional way. No mute effect, no glissandi... The ideas, as well as the procedure of the work are classic. The first movement is an Allegro in Sonata... Read more

    Audio samples

  • ORCH64b Orchestra score

    ORCH64c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 13' Swiss Composers Series

    Promenade avec Jean-Jacques Rousseau plays with excerpts of the Devin du Village (1752), instrumented, arranged and composed for strings. Played for the king, in Fontainebleau in 1752,  Le Devin du Village [The Diviner of the Village] gained a... Read more

    Audio samples

  • ORCH30b Orchestra score

    ORCH30c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 6'30 Swiss Composers Series
  • ORCH51b Orchestra score

    ORCH51c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 4'30

    Audio samples

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