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  • FG6

    intermediate / advanced Duration: 10'

    Bagatelles, similarly to “Badineries” or “Capprici” allow composers to express their sens of humor, of parody or derision. This genre inspires strongly Jean-François Michel as these 3 Bagatelles for bassoon and piano show. These pieces request a... Read more

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  • FG4

    easy / intermediate Duration: 3'50 Armenian Composers Series Bim Junior Series

    Noveletta for bassoon and piano is intended as a preparatory piece for the young bassoon player that could also be performed as a concert piece. Read more

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  • FG3

    easy / intermediate Duration: 5' Armenian Composers Series Bim Junior Series

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  • FG1

    advanced Duration: 4'30 Swiss Composers Series

    Piotr would like to have a conversation. Ilyitch can’t manage it; his response is like a monologue of his thoughts. By various means, Piotr tries to get around the indifference of Ilyitch: the neverchanging discourse, the feigned casualness, the... Read more

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