Trumpet and orchestra

  • TP314b Orchestra score

    TP314c Orchestra parts

    intermediate / advanced Duration: 5'

    This Scherzo is a short and lively piece intended to be enjoyable for both performers and audience alike. Although there are several lyrical and somewhat atmospheric sections, most of the piece is very rhyhmic and technical. The trumpet part is... Read more

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  • TP227a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    TP227b Orchestra score

    TP227c Orchestra parts

    TP227d Study score

    advanced Duration: 15'

    In this Concerto, Zdenek Lukas places deft mastery of orchestration at the service of a vivacious creative impulse. Double woodwinds plus piccolo (3-2-2-2), judiciously reduced brasses (4-0-0-0), and 5 tamburi (tom-toms), to which cymbals, tam-tam,... Read more

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  • TP297a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    TP297b Orchestra score

    TP297c Orchestra parts

    TP297d Study score

    advanced Duration: 21'

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  • Arrangeur: Ludwig Güttler

    CO3a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    CO3b Orchestra score

    CO3c Orchestra parts

    advanced Duration: 10' Ludwig Güttler Collection
  • Arrangeur: Ludwig Güttler

    CO7a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    CO7b Orchestra score

    CO7c Orchestra parts

    advanced Duration: 15' Ludwig Güttler Collection
  • TP80a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    TP80b Orchestra score

    TP80d Study score

    TP80c Orchestra parts

    advanced Duration: 27'

    Audio samples

  • Arrangeur: Stephen L. Glover

    TP156a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    TP156b/c Score and parts

    advanced Duration: 9'

    Audio samples

  • TP47a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    TP47b Orchestra score

    TP47c Orchestra parts

    intermediate / advanced Duration: 6'30 Swiss Composers Series

    Audio samples

  • TP274a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    TP274b Orchestra score

    TP274c Orchestra parts

    advanced Duration: 10'
  • Arrangeur: Edward H. Tarr

    TP27a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    TP27b Orchestra score

    TP27c Orchestra parts

    intermediate Duration: 15'

    In 1984 the instrumental parts of the Variations in G came to light in an unexpected place: in the archive of the town band in St. Ulrich/Groden (South Tyrol). How did they get there, and from where? The piece can be traced back to Prague: some of... Read more

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  • TP21a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    TP21b Orchestra score

    TP21c Orchestra parts

    advanced Duration: 15' Swiss Composers Series

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  • Arrangeur: Stephen L. Glover

    TP146a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    TP146b Orchestra score

    TP146c Orchestra parts

    intermediate / advanced Duration: 3'10

    Audio samples

  • TP229b Orchestra score

    TP229c Orchestra parts

    advanced Duration: 17'

    Audio samples

  • TP102a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    TP102b Orchestra score

    TP102c Orchestra parts

    intermediate Duration: 18' Swiss Composers Series
  • TP316a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    TP316b Orchestra score

    TP316c Orchestra parts

    TP316d Wind band score

    TP316e Wind band parts

    intermediate Duration: 6' Swiss Composers Series

    The piece begins in a very soft and mysterious mood, with alternating rhythmic and calm episodes leading to a lively final. Read more

  • TP338a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    TP338b Orchestra score

    TP338c Orchestra parts

    intermediate / advanced Duration: 15'

    I wrote Passages with several goals in mind. First, I wanted to write a concertino for solo trumpet that would display many different musical and emotional aspects of the instrument in a fairly accessible and listener-friendly style. The piece would... Read more

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