• ORG2

    advanced Duration: 11'30 Swiss Composers Series

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  • MCX39b Orchestra score

    MCX39c Orchestra parts

    intermediate / advanced Duration: 12' Swiss Composers Series
  • ORG7

    advanced Duration: 5'

    The Toccata is composed in one movement. The virtuosic and animated work alternates fanfares, trills and rythmically-played passages on the pedals – with a triumphant theme which appears little by little. Read more

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  • ORG6

    advanced Duration: 8'

    The Sonatine III draws on one of Bach's Chorales: ''Verleih' uns Frieden gnädiglich'' (Mercifully grant us peace). By freely using, integrating, fragmenting and constantly developing thematic references to this Chorale in a rich variety of ways the... Read more

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  • ORG8

    intermediate Duration: 9' Collection Jean-François Michel Swiss Composers Series

    And if Valère would be the fourteenth star of the canton of Valais’ armorial? This poetic image has inspired this music setting: The bell tower of the church of Valère would represent a star illuminating the whole valley of the Rhone river before... Read more

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  • ORG1

    intermediate / advanced Duration: 11' Swiss Composers Series

    This work is influenced by the bilingual French-German environment of the city of Biel-Bienne (Switzerland). Two cultures clash each other. Latine impulses are expressed by some sorts of toccatas or dancing passages, the german ones rather by... Read more

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  • ORG5

    intermediate Duration: 5'30

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    Audio samples

  • ORG4

    intermediate Duration: 16' Richard Lane Series

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