• SAX15d Study score (incl. solo)

    SAX15b Orchestra score

    SAX15c Orchestra parts

    advanced Duration: 7'

    Le Quattro Sassofoni incorporates various passages from Antonio Vivaldi’s Le Quattro Stagioni in a light-hearted combination of styles ranging from traditional Baroque to Modern Jazz. The well-known melodies are presented in various styles,... Read more

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  • SAX14

    intermediate Duration: 10' Richard Lane Series

    This Sonata for alto saxophone and piano is a perfect recital piece of medium difficulty, very melodious, supported by a piano accompaniment with a rich musical colour palette, creating wonderful atmospheres. Read more


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  • SAX20b Orchestra score

    SAX20c Orchestra parts

    SAX20d Study score (incl. solo)

    advanced Duration: 18'

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  • Each of the four movements of Flash represents a different musical impression of the word flash, and the titles of each movement (Blink, Sparkle, Blaze, Shimmer) are themselves synonyms. The music exploits the entire range of the soprano saxophone... Read more


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  • SAX16 Score and parts

    advanced Duration: 4'50 Swiss Composers Series

    The first saxophone turns around his axis in quintuplets (and “tentuplets”) disguised as sextuplets. The second one does it with triplets disguised as quintuplets and the third one with triplets as sixteenth notes. Each instrument plays very... Read more


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  • SAX1b Orchestra score

    SAX1c Orchestra parts

    SAX1d Study score (incl. solo)

    advanced Duration: 22'

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  • SAX4

    intermediate Duration: 12' Richard Lane Series

    The five movements provide the performer with considerable freedom of expression within different styles and moods, performed over a high quality and stimulating pianistic accompaniment, the latter being a common characteristic of the music of... Read more


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  • SAX13

    intermediate Duration: 8' Richard Lane Series


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  • SAX3a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    SAX3b Orchestra score

    SAX3c Orchestra parts

    intermediate Duration: 2'20 Richard Lane Series

    This Nocturne offers a lyrical and expressive song of elegant intensity to the saxophone voice while the piano accompaniment, as usual with Richard Lane, is sobre but subtile, as well on the level of harmonic structures than underlining the dynamic... Read more

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  • SAX5

    intermediate Duration: 5'30 Swiss Composers Series


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  • SAX12

    intermediate Duration: 1'30 Swiss Composers Series


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  • Charriere Caroline La Voix Meurtrie Sax9 Digital


    D-SAX9 - Digital

    intermediate / advanced Duration: 9' Swiss Composers Series

    La Voix meurtrie (The Bruised Voice) is an important milestone in my personal history. The first four measures have been extrapolated from an harmony exercise done during my studies. Ten years later I “heard” an extension to that exercise.... Read more

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  • SAX6 Score and parts

    intermediate Duration: 4'30 Swiss Composers Series

    I wrote this short piece following a journey through Ireland. I was profoundly impressed by the overwhelming presence of water throughout that country, and I wanted to recreate those impressions in the language of music. Caroline Charrière,... Read more


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  • SAX7a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    SAX7b Orchestra score

    SAX7c Orchestra parts

    SAX7d Wind band score

    SAX7e Wind band parts

    intermediate / advanced Duration: 8'30

    Commissioned by Philippe Pfisterer, Director of the Department Council for Music and Culture of Haute-Alsace (France), “Adventure” has the same solo alto saxophone part, for three different accompaniements, as per the request of the commissioning... Read more