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Vartan Adjemian, Adventure for alto saxophone and string orchestra or wind orchestra or piano reduction

Vartan Adjemian


for alto saxophone and string orchestra or wind band or piano

Level: intermediate / advanced
Duration: 8'30


SAX7a Piano reduction (solo part included)
SAX7b Orchestra score
SAX7c Orchestra parts
SAX7d Wind band score
SAX7e Wind band parts

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A piece that can be played by talented young musicians

Commissioned by Philippe Pfisterer, Director of the Department Council for Music and Culture of Haute-Alsace (France), “Adventure” has the same solo alto saxophone part, for three different accompaniements, as per the request of the commissioning body, which sought to maximize the work's prospective performance opportunities: 1) solo , string orchestra with piano,  2) solo and piano (reduction), and 3) solo and wind ensemble (10 woodwinds, 8 brass instruments, percussion).

The title of the piece was conceived during the composition process. This is the first work for solo saxophone written by Vartan Adjemian, although he had frequently used the instrument in his jazz pieces. A special consideration was to create a piece that could be played by talented young musicians, ergo, content, melody and virtuosity had to be merged with a sense of proportionality in Adventure, which, in today's parlance, could, perhaps best be described as a "crossover" type of work in which many different styles and genres are presented in a single entity.

2 flutes, oboe, 2 clarinets, bassoon, alto sax, 2 tenor sax, baritone sax, 2 trumpets, 2 horns, 2 trombones, bass trombone, tuba, timpani, percussion (Glockenspiel, Bongos)
Editions Bim
Vartan Adjemian

Vartan Adjemian (*1956)

Vartan Adjemian was born 1956 to a very well-known and popular family in Armenia. His grandfather, Vartan Adjemian Sr. (1905-1977) studied with Stanislavsky and Vsevolod Meyerhold and  was the General Stage Director of the National Theatre of Armenia and his grandmother was Arus Asryan (1904-1987), one of the leading actress of the same... Read more

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