Festival Music

after Handel’s Hornpipe from Water Music for trumpet, horn, trombone, piano and strings by Joseph Turrin

The Hornpipe movement from Handel’s Water Music, put through various compositional transformation both harmonically and melodically.

Festival Music Festival Music

5 Canoni a 6

for 6 trumpets by Corrado Maria Saglietti

These pieces offer teachers and performers an original material designed for both educational and performing purposes.

Canon 1 Canon 1

Canon 3 Canon 3

Canon 5 Canon 5


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Upcoming performances:

September 21, 2019 | Stockton, California, USA. Giancarlo Castro D'Addona : Grand Fanfare for symphony orchestra. Stockton Symphony, Peter Jaffe (conducting)

October 11, 2019 | Geneva Brass Festival | Genf, Switzerland. Corrado Maria Saglietti : Suite for horn and string quartet. Francesco d'Urso (trombone), L'Orchestre de Chambre de Genève, Philippe Bach (conducting)

October 12, 2019 | Concours National d'Exécution Musicale 2019 | Riddes, Switzerland. Jost Meier : Konzertstück for trumpet and chamber orchestra. Laureats (trumpet), HEMU Orchestra, Aurélien Azan-Zielinski (conducting)

January 26, 2020 | Luxembourg, Luxembourg. Corrado Maria Saglietti : Impressioni for brass quintet. Adam Rixer, Niels Vind (trumpet), Leo Halsdorf (horn), Léon Ni (trombone), Csaba Szalay (tuba)

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El Tanguero

for trombone and piano

by Corrado Maria Saglietti

El Tanguero is a very instinctive tango. With its subtle melodic twists and ecstatic rhythmic strikes, this passionate dance, with its controlled and stylized sensuality, always has a captivating charm.

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Tuba Sonata

for tuba and piano

by Eugen Feldmann

This sonata in one movement opens with recitatives before alternating lyrical, lively or meditative passages. A very pictorial and theatrical work which takes us through various scenes with colourful twists.

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A Drum Song for solo percussion

by Áskell Másson

In Icelandic, Frum means primary or embryo. This catching piece includes many percussion technics: single and double strokes, paradiddles, rolls, polyrhythms, and a variety of attacks, among others. Frum showcases the performer hence its widespread use in competitions and recitals.

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Homo Somniens

for trumpet and organ

by René Oberson

René Oberson dedicated "Homo Somniens" [the man who dreams] to the trumpeter Jean-François Michel, who commissioned the work. The subtitle: "Man does not live, he is lived by his dreams, his chimeras ...". The titles of the four dreams are subjective; The four movements will perhaps arouse other dreams among the listener, who has his own sensitivity.

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Concerto for Brass Band

for brass band

by Roland Szentpali

This work, conceived in a masterful style of contemporary jazz, is a new musical and technical challenge for the world of Brass Bands. Thanks to this challenging spirit the world of brass bands is constantly developing this amazing musical virtuosity that characterizes it’s movement.