Trombone methods and studies

  • Arrangeur: Benny Sluchin



    The Changing Meter Studies are intended to provide the student with practical exercises dealing with changing meters as they occur in much contemporary music. Read more

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  • Slokar  Branimir  Trombone  Warm  Up  Tb1


    This book contains primarily studies for warming-up, lip-flexibility and technique, intended for professionals. But the beginner will also be able to make good use of the first exercises in each series. Even if warming-up is regarded as an essential... Read more

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  • This set of daily embouchure exercises is designed to aid building tone quality, flexibility, range, and finesse. Marked as to degree of difficulty, these studies are designed for the performer at all levels of achievement. Read more

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  • TB4

    intermediate / advanced

    In order to play correctly, constantly remember the precise gymnastics of the lips. Only exact movements will bring real flexibility, comfort in playing tongueless legato, and elegance.
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  • Six exercices for a quick and easy warm-up, conceived by Michel Becquet, universally recognized as one of the great soloists of our time. Read more

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