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Slokar  Branimir  Trombone  Warm  Up  Tb1

Branimir Slokar

Warm-ups + technical routines

for trombone

Level: easy / advanced



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Primarily studies for warming-up

This book contains primarily studies for warming-up, lip-flexibility and technique, intended for professionals. But the beginner will also be able to make good use of the first exercises in each series. Even if warming-up is regarded as an essential daily exercise, one still has to allow for the possibility of occasionally having to play with little or no preparation. To stay in form a professional musician should play ail the exercises in this book daily. If there is not enough time for that, he will have to content himself with a limited number of exercises from each series

Editions Bim
Branimir Slokar

Branimir Slokar (*1946)

Born in 1946 in Maribor, Slowenja. Bachelor and music studies at the Music Academy of Ljubljana. Concert diploma in 1969; soloist at the Radio orchestra of Ljubljana. Further studies in Paris at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique. First prize with distinction. Soloist in the Paris Conservatory orchestra and the Orchestre des Concerts... Read more