Choir, soli and orchestra

  • V121b Orchestra score

    V121a Choir score and piano

    V121c Orchestra parts

    French Duration: 70' Swiss Composers Series

    "The Book of Job is my greatest work, the longest too. I have the impression of having achieved, succeeded in many things" said Caroline Charrière shortly before the creation of the work, which she considers as one of her main works and as a key... Read more

  • V117b Orchestra score

    V117c Orchestra parts

    V117e Choir score and piano

    advanced Latin Duration: 25' Swiss Composers Series
  • V109b Orchestra score

    V109c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 16' Swiss Composers Series
  • Szentpali  Roland  Magnificat  V54


    V54d Study score

    V54a Choir score

    V54b Orchestra score

    V54c Orchestra parts

    Latin Duration: 25'

    "The lyrics is the original latin Magnificat text. There are beautiful Magnificats, written by Vivaldi, Bach and many more. I just wanted to write something in the "language" of today's common people, mixing the traditional symphony orchestra and... Read more

    Audio samples

  • V15b Orchestra score

    V15c Orchestra parts

    Duration: 40' Swiss Composers Series
  • V34a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    V34b Orchestra score

    V34c Orchestra parts

    V34e Choir score

    V34f Piano reduction (choir rehearsal)

    Duration: 80'

    Audio samples

  • V102a Choir score

    V102b Score

    V102c Parts

    Duration: 15' Swiss Composers Series

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