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Szentpali  Roland  Magnificat  V54

Roland Szentpali


for soprano, tenor, mixed choir, symphony orchestra and jazz quartet

Duration: 25'
Language: Latin


1. Magnificat  1. Magnificat

2. Quia Respexit  2. Quia Respexit

3. Fecit Potentiam  3. Fecit Potentiam

4. Sicut Erat  4. Sicut Erat

V54d - Study score
V54a - Choir score
V54b - Orchestra score
V54c - Orchestra parts
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"The lyrics is the original latin Magnificat text. There are beautiful Magnificats, written by Vivaldi, Bach and many more. I just wanted to write something in the "language" of today's common people, mixing the traditional symphony orchestra and choir with jazz trio, and giving space for a modern raper narrator.

I had a lot of fun to compose it, and the performances showed that audience enjoys it very much too."

Roland Szentpali, May 2012, Budapest

soprano and tenor solo, SATB - 2.2(E.H.).3(bcl.).2. - - timpani - strings - saxophone (alto + soprano), E-guitar, piano, marimba & drums (ad lib. improvised)
Quia Respexit
Fecit potentiam
Sicut erat
Editions Bim
Roland Szentpali

Roland Szentpali (*1977)

Roland Szentpali was born in 1977 in Nyíregyháza, Hungary. He began his musical studies in his hometown; in 1991 he was admitted to the Béla Bartók Conservatory in Budapest, as the tuba student of József Bazsinka and later of Gábor Adamik. At the age of 16 he won the national “Brasses and Percussion” competition, then wrote and performed his first... Read more