Trombone and wind band

  • Saglietti Corrado Maria Concertone TB111


    TB111a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    TB111b Score

    TB111c Parts

    intermediate / advanced Duration: 15'

    In writing this piece, I wanted to make room for — and highlight — the trombone’s multiple qualities. What emerges in the first movement is the instrument’s funny, almost ironic, character accentuated by the glissando parts. But the second theme,... Read more

    Audio samples

  • TU160e Wind band score

    TU160f Wind band parts

    intermediate / advanced Duration: 11'

    Audio samples

  • TB22a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    TB22b Wind band score

    TB22c Wind band parts

    intermediate / advanced Duration: 8'

    Audio samples

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