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Upcoming performances:

September 19, 2017 | Italy Percussion Competition 19-24 Sept. 2017 | Montesilvano - Pescara, Italy. Áskell Másson : Prím for snare drum solo. Áskell Másson : Kím for snare drum solo.

September 21, 2017 | Festival Rezonanzen | Sils, Switzerland. Julien-François Zbinden : Double jeu for 2 contrabasses. Petru Iuga (Contrabass), Janne Saksala (Contrabass)

November 11, 2017 | 100. Geburtstag des Komponisten | Lausanne, Switzerland. Julien-François Zbinden : Eternité for women choir and organ. Julien-François Zbinden : Cathédrale for organ. Jean-Christophe Geiser (organ), Ensemble vocal Polhymnia, Franck Marcon (conductor)

Masson Askell Sindur Perc16

for 4 percussionists
Áskell Másson

Masson Askell Ora Perc33

for 6 percussionists and orchestra
Áskell Másson

Borel Stephane Temple Gong Perc21

Temple Gong
for percussion solo
Stéphane Borel

Masson Askell Aura Perc9

for percussion solo
Áskell Másson

Masson Askell Ima Perc32

for 1 percussionist
Áskell Másson

Masson Askell Tromma Perc11

for 2 percussions
Áskell Másson

Rydin Alexandre 8 Escales Perc23

8 Escales
for 2 percussionists
Alexandre Rydin

Masson Askell Crossings Perc15

Double Concerto
for 2 percussions and orchestra
Áskell Másson

Borel Stephane Australopitheque Perc26

for 3 percussionists
Stéphane Borel

Masson Askell Toccata Perc22

for chromatic tom-toms
Áskell Másson

Borel Stephane Percurama Perc24

for 2 percussionists
Stéphane Borel

Balissat Jean Variations Concertantes Perc2

Variations concertantes
for 3 percussions and chamber orchestra
Jean Balissat