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Borel Stephane Batucada Perc25

Stéphane Borel

Batucada à 6

for 6 drum sets

Level: intermediate
Duration: 5'
Swiss Composers Series


PERC25 -

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Spectacular for auditions or concerts

This Batucada à 6 contains an introduction and several movements with latino rhythmic developments, including solo sequences. The piece is intended to train the six performer’s listening skills, rhythmical coherence, and refined ensemble playing. However, in addition to its pedagogical utility, Batucada à 6 is also spectacular for auditions or concerts.

Editions Bim
Stéphane Borel

Stéphane Borel (*1954)

Stéphane Borel was born in 1954 in Lausanne in Switzerland. He learnt jazz drumming with Billy Brooks at the Swiss Jazz School in Berne. In Geneva he was taught classical percussion by Yves Brustaux. He completed his studies with distinction and received the Prix du Conseil de Fondation at the Conservatory. Attended then the advanced class of... Read more