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Horn solo

  • Divoky Zdenek 11 Capriccios Horn CO112 Digital



    D-CO112 - Digital

    intermediate / advanced Duration: 27'

    11 capriccios and many ways for the horn player to have fun, to develop his technical skills and to impress audiences. Zdenek Divoky composed these pieces as a connoisseur of the instrument, covering its range, its particular techniques and its... Read more

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    Audio samples

    CO112 01 Allegro moderato
    CO112 02 Allegro
    CO112 03 Moderato
    CO112 04 Lento cantabile
    CO112 05 Blues
    CO112 06 Larghetto
    CO112 07 Andante pastorale
    CO112 08 Poco sostenuto
    CO112 09 Allegro moderato
    CO112 10 Lento sostenuto
    CO112 11 Moderato
  • The collection of 12 fantasias for solo violin (TWV 40:14-25) by Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1757) was first published in Hamburg in 1735. The Italian influence of the sonata and concerto is clearly evident. The fantasias no. 7, 8 and 9 selected by... Read more

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  • Szentpali Roland Hoye Rn Co104 Digital


    D-CO104 - Digital

    advanced Duration: 6'30

    Set piece in the first round of the International Instrumentalwettbewerb Markneukirchen 2020. 1. Mark
    Two people overstep each other's... Read more

    Digital version with

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    Audio samples

    1. Mark
    2. Neu
    3. Kirchen
  • CO91

    intermediate Duration: 4'

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  • CO48

    advanced Duration: 10'

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  • CO47

    advanced Duration: 5' Swiss Composers Series

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  • CO21

    intermediate Duration: 3'40

    A romantic spirit hides beneath the linguistic pun of the title; Cor Leonis offers a solution to an ancient riddle: How did the Lion lose his Horn? Answer: when he gained his Heart. Cor Leonis is the name given to the brightest star of the... Read more

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  • CO26

    advanced Duration: 5'30

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    Audio samples

    Winding Up

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