Tuba and orchestra

  • TU211a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    TU211b Orchestra score

    TU211c Orchestra parts

    advanced Duration: 9'30 Swiss Composers Series

    Dominique Roggen has always loved writing music that adheres to Baroque-era principles of musical counterpoint, form, and style.
    This love is what led him to write his concerti anachronistici: concerted works written for instruments that were... Read more

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  • TU209a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    TU209d Study score

    TU209b Orchestra score

    TU209c Orchestra parts

    intermediate / advanced Duration: 19'15

    Set piece for the final at the 1st Geneva International Tuba Competition 2020. To the competition website
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  • TU176b Orchestra score

    TU176c Orchestra parts

    intermediate Duration: 10' Swiss Composers Series

    These dances are inspired by the unique atmosphere of Balkan popular music, namely its lively nature, use of compound rhythms as well as the melancholic and nostalgic character. In three tonal movements, the dances highlight both the technical and... Read more

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  • TU184a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    advanced Duration: 15' Swiss Composers Series


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  • TU187b/c Score and parts

    intermediate / advanced Duration: 12'


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  • TU96d Study score

    TU96b Orchestra score

    TU96c Orchestra parts

    advanced Duration: 17'

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  • TU185b Orchestra score

    TU185c Orchestra parts

    advanced Duration: 20'

    Some lively and jazzy chill music, a cool concert piece that should please and relax audiences. Read more

  • TU147d Study score

    TU147b Orchestra score

    TU147c Orchestra parts

    advanced Duration: 9'

    A fun and virtuoso piece which presents the famous themes of the opera “Carmen” by Bizet, sometimes in a surprising way... Read more

  • TU15a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    TU15b Orchestra score

    TU15c Orchestra parts

    advanced Duration: 18'

    This concerto is a concertante work for the traditional audience, but without technical or musical concessions for the tuba. The structure is inspired by the classical sonata, with a main theme and a lyrical part which intertwine. The motives are... Read more

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  • Stevens  Thomas  Variations In  Olden  Style  Tu8 Digital


    TU8a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    TU8b Orchestra score

    TU8c Orchestra parts

    D-TU8a Piano reduction (solo part included) - Digital

    advanced Duration: 8'

    The tuba, invented around 1830 has no original baroque repertoire, so these  Variations in Olden Style were conceived after the Polonaise of the French Suite VI by J.S. Bach and written “à la Bach” in order to fill this gap a little. Read more

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  • TU113a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    TU113b/c Score and parts

    intermediate / advanced Duration: 5'

    The «Aria con variazioni» is a theme and set of variations written for tuba and any keyboard instrument of choice and for tuba & strings. The variations are based on an original melodic theme by Georg Fr. Handel, (1685-1759) which itself was... Read more

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  • TU125a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    TU125b Orchestra score

    TU125c Orchestra parts

    advanced Duration: 8'40

    "Monument ", a nine minute Elegy for solo tuba and strings was commissioned by the renowned tuba icon Roger Bobo and dedicated to the memory of his great friend and esteemed colleague, tuba virtuoso Tommy Johnson (1935-2006). The title was suggested... Read more

  • Stevens  John  Journey  Tu92 Digital

    TU92a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    TU92b Orchestra score

    TU92d Study score

    TU92c Orchestra parts

    D-TU92a Piano reduction (solo part included) - Digital

    intermediate Duration: 28'

    Digital version with

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  • Arrangeur: Roland Szentpali

    TU141b Orchestra score

    TU141c Orchestra parts

    advanced Duration: 10'

    The basic idea of Parallels was to combine the flexible rhythmic concept of classical-style composed chamber music with jazz harmonies, and phrasing and sound of improvised jazz. Although there is no place for improvisation in the piece, certain... Read more

  • Plog Anthony Tuba Concerto Tu53 Digital

    TU53a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    TU53d Study score

    TU53b Orchestra score

    TU53c Orchestra parts

    D-TU53a Piano reduction (solo part included) - Digital

    advanced Duration: 22'

    Digital version with

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  • Plog Anthony Nocturne For Tuba Tu105 Digital

    TU105a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    TU105b Orchestra score

    TU105c Orchestra parts

    D-TU105a Piano reduction (solo part included) - Digital

    intermediate Duration: 8'

    The tuba Nocturne begins with the solo tuba playing a lyrical and reflective passage, which forms the basis for much of the melodic and harmonic development of the piece. Several times an energetic allegro interrupts the mood of this opening... Read more

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  • TU117b Score and solo parts

    TU117c Orchestra parts

    intermediate / advanced Duration: 12' Portuguese Composers Series

    In this fantasy for tuba, harp and string orchestra we drift in an ocean of musical ambiances ranging from classical Fugue to funk rhythms accompanied by dreamy melodies. The piece is built in four movements, played without breaks. Read more

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  • TU16e Orchestra score

    TU16f Orchestra parts

    TU16g Study score (incl. solo)

    advanced Duration: 8' Swiss Composers Series

    The music of “Eclipse Finale?” is a fantasy on the well-known German folk song “Der Mond ist aufgegangen” (The moon has risen). “Eclipse finale?” is a piece which presents the age-old fear that the moon will not rise again. The tuba, as in an opera,... Read more

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  • TU83a Study score (incl. solo)

    TU83b Orchestra score

    TU83c Orchestra parts

    advanced Duration: 14'

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  • TU13a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    TU13b Orchestra score

    TU13c Orchestra parts

    intermediate / advanced Duration: 15'
  • TU3a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    TU3b Orchestra score

    TU3c Orchestra parts

    intermediate / advanced Duration: 15'

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  • TU12a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    TU12b Orchestra score

    TU12c Orchestra parts

    advanced Duration: 26'
  • TU26a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    TU26b Orchestra score

    TU26c Orchestra parts

    advanced Duration: 22'
  • Arrangeur: Willy Huber

    TU22d Orchestra score

    TU22e Orchestra parts

    intermediate / advanced Duration: 2'20
  • TU186a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    TU186b Orchestra score

    TU186c Orchestra parts

    TU186d Study score (incl. solo)

    advanced Duration: 18'
  • Arutiunian Alexander Tuba Concerto Tu27


    TU27a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    TU27b Orchestra score

    TU27c Orchestra parts

    intermediate / advanced Duration: 15' Armenian Composers Series

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  • TU172b Orchestra score

    TU172c Orchestra parts

    intermediate / advanced Duration: 10'